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Time Series Analysis for Marketing and Beyond

Welcome to DataScience: Elevate - San Francisco

Using Data Science to Find and Keep Talent

Data Science Workflows That Lead to Business Results

10 Must-Haves in an Enterprise Machine Learning Platform

Using Beta Binomial Regression for Inventory Forecasting at Stitch Fix

How Data Influences Product Design at Salesforce

Assessing Credit Risk with Data Science at Tala

Bringing Diners to Restaurants with Data Science at OpenTable

Improving Mobile Ads with Data Science at Thinknear by Telenav

Platform Demos and Use Cases

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Platform Demo: Using Environments for Data Science Work

Platform Demo: Building Shiny Apps for Business Users

Platform Demo: Publishing a Shiny App

Platform Demo: Launching a Jupyter Session With Deep Learning Tools

Platform Resources: Dynamic Pricing

Platform Resources: Identifying Binge Buyers

Platform Resources: Churn Modeling Demo

Platform Resources: The Value of Churn Modeling

How the Platform Turns Insights into Action

Customer Success Story: Belkin


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Why a Data Science Code of Ethics is Good for (Your) Business

Interpreting Machine Learning Models

Managing Data Science (Before It Manages You)

Mining Customer Opinions

Designing Recommendation Engines

Intro to Neural Nets in TensorFlow, Part II

How Data Science Platforms Help Insights Leaders Outperform Competition

Best Practices: Implementing DataOps with a Data Science Platform

How to Hire the Right Data Scientist

Image Recognition with Deep Learning

Learn Data Science

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Using Data Science to Improve Automated Camera Technology

Explaining Black-Box Machine Learning Predictions

Introduction to Recommendation Engines

Introduction to Bayesian Inference

Legal Landscape and Social Climate for LGBT People Across the U.S.

Detecting Breaking News on Twitter

Matrix Decomposition

MLeap and the Combust Architecture

Bayesian Inference

Introduction to Machine Learning